Panel Discussion – Network Reliability


Network reliability depends on a number of crucial factors and this fascinating session explores that diversity with experts from the satellite sector, the internet numbering agency for Africa and a national cyber security expert.

  • Networks are vulnerable to all kinds of cyber threats which can compromise confidentiality of users and availability of service. Large enterprises, governments and others understand the high cost of security failings and operators need to take the necessary precautions to secure their infrastructures. Cyber Security is a constantly evolving phenomenon, what are today’s most dangerous and imminent threats?
  • IPv6 is the essential global evolution (from IPv4) that is required to ensure the development of the internet is not hindered by a lack of space, this requires investment in compatible infrastructures but how is Africa embracing IPv6 and what can be done to accelerate the transition?
  • Satellite connectivity is an essential element of many of Africa’s networks and sits alongside fibre and mobile infrastructures to ensure continuity of service, true mobility and essential backhaul services. What are the latest evolutions in satellite networks and how are they integrating better with other technologies?

Managing Sales Director – Intelsat

Cybere Security Expert – National CF Tanzania

Head of External Relations – AFRINIC

TBA – Telkom Kenya