Industry Keynote Presentations x 6 – Connected Africa

UN Emergency Response Programme – Emergency Telecom Cluster

This keynote by The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) shows how shared communications can provide vital services in humanitarian emergencies. Timely, predictable, and effective ICT coordination help effective responses among humanitarian organisations, provide an operational security environment for staff and assets, and enable decision-making through timely access to critical information. The keynote will cover national and regional partnering strategies, capacity building, emerging technologies, and new service deliveries.

Head of IT and Electricity – UN World Food Programme

Satellite Spectrum Update – GVF

Satellite spectrum plays a key role in broadcasting, Internet, and other vital telecommunications solutions. This keynote straight from the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) will provide authoritative updates on spectrum availability and deployment in Africa, emerging band utilisation, new technologies and devices, and regulator arrangements. Civilian and defence sector needs will be addressed, along with trends in cellular backhaul and cooperation with other telecommunications standards bodies.

Chief of International Programme Development – GVF

Content, communication, transactions and service delivery constitute key planks of economic growth in the digital era. This keynote will cover UNECA’s role is setting the agenda and framing research issues for the e-transformation of Africa. How can economic growth be achieved in a sustainable and inclusive manner? How can safety nets be devised using digital nets for marginalised communities? Collective agenda items and evolutionary signposts will be set for industry and policymakers.

Social and Economic Transformation – UNECA – Chief, New Technologies & Innovation

The Special Role of Satellite – ATU – Radiocommunications Coordinator

Universal Services Agendas – USAASA – CEO

Online Communities – Avanti – TBA