4 x Keynote Presentations: ICT For Inclusion

Building a Smarter Planet – ZTE RSA Enterprise CTO – ZTE

Engaging Africa’s Youth – In the digital race, it is imperative that youth are given the best skills and opportunities, while ensuring that children from marginalised communities are not excluded. This session will cover the broad range of initiatives for inclusion of African youth, via media ranging from radio to mobiles as well as competitions, camps, curriculum and capacity-building exercises. – TBC – UNICEF

Affordability Index – This session will cover the insightful and authoritative reach of initiatives like the Affordability Report. Produced by the Alliance for Affordable Internet, it throws light on what works well in terms of making the Internet affordable across Africa. Digital technologies constitute a shifting goalpost, and this session will cover how policy frameworks can ensure that ICTs remain affordable even as they evolve. – Africa Regional Coordinator – Alliance for Affordable Internet

Women in ICT – This session will explore the impacts and benefits of engaging and empowering women in ICT – Chairperson  – South African Women in ICT Forum