3 x Keynote Presentations: Regulating for Inclusion

TVWS and Dynamic SpectrumTV WhiteSpace has been regarded for some time now as a way of opening up new spectrum for digital connectivity. What is status of TVWS in Africa today? What are the business opportunities and user benefits? What democratic approaches apply for the public interest angle in dynamic spectrum? This session will provide insights on regulatory roadmaps in Africa, industry developments and emerging standards. –  Treasurer – WAPA

Regulating OTT This session will provide insights into regulating Over-the-Top (OTT) service providers: issues, stakes, outcomes and feasibilities. Privacy, sustainability of business models, and ethics will also be factored in. How have African governments dealt with OTT players, and what do they plan to do with regard to Net Neutrality and zero-rating? This session will cover emerging trends and implications for telcos, MVNOs and digital entrepreneurs in Africa. – CEO – SACF

Infrastructure Sharing – Discussions around the value of infrastructure sharing have persisted over recent years. It makes sense that sharing access to infrastructure reduces capital expenditure for individual companies and reduces disruption to other services and infrastructure. Shared infrastructure can result in higher quality backbone infrastructures and overall connectivity but the questions persist around the most effective models, who takes responsibility for the infrastructure when issues arise. This session will explore alternatives and best practices, answer questions and de-bunk myths.  Head of Africa – Digital Infrastructure –  Mott Macdonald